Best WiFi Broadband deals for Work from Home and Students


Post COVID world is compelling everyone to have a good wifi connection for different reasons, either it is for work, education, or streaming. There are many internet service providers right now providing high-speed broadband plans. In today’s fast-moving world, new fiber optic technology for wifi broadbands is booming. 


What is fiber-optic broadband?

what is fibre opticAside from all the technical talk, fiber broadband is far faster than the traditional internet. It uses fiber optic cables to transmit data, which results in more reliable and faster internet. Many internet providers are using this technology nowadays.
 And this is a perfect time for you to get one, as many internet providers because of competition are providing the best internet broadband plans right now, special thanks to fiber broadband jio owing to which fiber wifi prices came down.


the best fibre broadband deals?Who among them has the best fiber broadband deals?


  • Airtel Xtream Fibre: Best in terms of Speed. (Announced new revised cheaper plans from 7 September starting Rs499)
  • Jio Gigafiber: First-month subscription-free + best for tv add-ons 
  • Bharat Fibre (BSNL): Large Network 
The network of these three internet providers is the broadest among all. But I would recommend you to check local internet providers also. As there are many small local companies providing fiber internet services. Always check reviews from peer groups before going further.


Is the Internet provider available in your area?


fibre net availaibilityWell, all these providers are available in the majority of big cities in India. And in new cities, they are gradually expanding their footprint.

You can check here either it is available in your area or not:


What plans should I go for?


There is now much more flexibility in choosing plans in terms of time period and data usage limit. It depends upon your needs, what you want to do, how many users are there. Companies provide more benefits with high-end plans. Like jio provides a free subscription to OTT apps starting from the GOLD plan Rs999.
You can check the comparison of all plans here.


The upfront amount for Fibre Broadband?


installation charge for fibre broadbandThe installation charge for fiber broadband was way too much back in 2019. But now as I have told you earlier because of cut-throat competition in the market, companies are charging refundable security deposits for their installation hardware.
  • Airtel Xtream Fibre: Rs1000 (Non-refundable installation charge)
  • Jio Giga fibre: Rs1500, With 4k set-top box Rs 2500
  • Bharat Fibre (BSNL) : Rs3500 approx.


Additional benefits to look for in Fibre Connection


  1. OTT Apps subscription
  2. Truly Unlimited Data
  3. Free voice calls
  4. One Time refundable amount


Is Fibre Optic Broadband worth it?


The simple answer is YES. In these prices, fiber broadband will be the obvious choice to go for. It will keep your monthly bills down and will not create any hassle to enjoy high-speed internet.
Intensive jobs and gaming need high-speed internet, it is essential for larger households. Fiber net is the best solution for ultra-fast internet plans.

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